The Economics of Happiness

In September of 2018, GreenFlix was launched in South Delta with this classic and foundational film that questions common assumptions about the benefits of international trade and increasing GDP, then shows examples of how localized economies and community self-sufficiency can lead us back to a globally sustainable future.

The always-free twenty-minute version

You can watch the free version of the film above. Or, you can rent or buy the more detailed version at Films for Action or through the website at Local Futures which contains more in-depth information and resources for action.

The Radicals!

This unusual film was sold out for festival showings in Vancouver, Whistler, and Squamish. With breathtaking cinematography, The Radicals follows four snowboarders and surfers driven to become social and environmental stewards through their connection with the environments in which they play.

By enjoying and appreciating their natural surroundings, these awakened athletes introduce us to some of the worlds most dedicated activists and game-changing wilderness initiatives that can actually change the world. The Radicals inspires us to shift our perspective, rise above the challenges of modern society and dig into our roots to create radical waves of change, while still enjoying the thrill of nature, gravity, and a sense of real purpose.

Free YouTube version launched in honour of Earth Day 2021:

Trailer and link to rent or purchase the 4K version on Vimeo:

Toad People

A film about hope, Toad People is a touchingly sweet yet infuriating story about humans, owls and amphibians in Chilliwack, and the inspired community-led movement to save an endangered species. It’s also the story of many families and communities across BC who are taking action to save the wildlife in their backyard, whether it’s toads, mountain caribou, rattlesnakes or barn owls. See the trailer below.

Despite having some of the most diverse wildlife in North America – including 1,900 species at risk – British Columbia is one of only two provinces in Canada with no endangered species law!

The Future of Birds

This film is an impassioned plea by local filmmaker Jocelyn Demers to save birds everywhere from extinction. While this important film wasn’t part of our Greenflix film series, we chose to include it here since Demers lives in Tsawwassen and many of the scenes were shot at Boundary Bay and the Fraser River Estuary.

Hear the wisdom of ornithologists from here in Delta and around the world, and marvel at the visually stunning sites shown as prime examples of the increasing threats posed by unrestrained industrial development. (A frightening example close to home is the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2.)

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Trailer and link to watch the film

This film can be seen in its entirety at no cost if you have a Library card and an account with film portal Kanopy. Click on the image above to watch the film.